Green Waste Left In Edgbaston

In a real slap in the face for those Birmingham residents who forked out £35 for a green wheelie bin, the Labour Council decided this weekend (the weekend immediately before the Local Elections) to remove all the dumped green waste from people who hadn’t paid, for free. This was despite them previously saying repeatedly that they would not take it and that you had to pay to ever have any green waste collected ever gain.

The Labour Cabinet/Cabinet Member agreed a £20,00o payment of your money in order for the bin men to be be paid overtime to collect the green waste this weekend from people who refused to pay.  But they did not do the job properly as this picture taken in Edgbaston Ward this morning shows. This pile had previously been reported to the Council who had stickered the bags, so there’s no way they didn’t know about it – but they left it all the same.

May 19th



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