Wheelie Bin Roll Out Begins

With elections now safely out of the way, and exactly a year after a pilot scheme in Harborne and Brandwood was launched, today the wheelie bin roll out for the rest of the city began.

Montague Street is the first depot to be changing to wheelie bins. It deals with the smallest number of properties of all the depots – but it’s mostly inner city,  as the depot covers the Ladywood constituency.

Things are never quite that clear cut though, and a small piece of Edgbaston is also included in the latest roll out. Today I was on the Waterworks Estate when the wheelie bins were delivered to residents on Monument Road and Parker Street. However other roads in the immediate vicinity are not currently included – as they are served by Lifford Lane, leading to potential confusion and irritation for residents as some will find they can now only put out what rubbish fits in a wheelie bin with the lid closed – while their very near neighbours can still put out limitless quantities of rubbish in black bags.

Wheelie bins being delivered in Monument Road

Wheelie bins being delivered in Monument Road

I left the Waterworks Estate to go into the Council House where Cllr Robert Alden (Erdington) was elected (unopposed) as the new Conservative Group Leader, with Cllr Randal Brew (Northfield) being elected as Deputy Leader.

Meanwhile a Cabinet reshuffle was taking place at the Labour Group meeting. Bearing in mind the recent fiasco with green waste, it was hardly surprising that Cllr MacKay was relieved of his position as Cabinet Member for Green issues. Cllr Lisa Trickett will now be in charge of that portfolio, while Cllr MacKay moves to the Social Cohesion and Community Safety role.


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