Campaign To Keep The Sir Harry’s Post Office As It Is

As well as campaigning to save the Benmore Play Area, this week the Edgbaston Councillors and Campaigner Matt Bennett have been working to keep the Sir Harry’s Rd Post Office, situated in Hollies Croft, exactly as it is now.

The Post Office is the only one left in the ward after successive cuts to the network under the previous Labour Government. However now the Post Office want to change it to one of their “local” branches.

Deirdre & Matt by the Sir Harry's Post Office

Deirdre & Matt by the Sir Harry’s Post Office

This would mean the purpose built Post Office area at the back of the shop would close, and transactions would be carried out near the front counter.

The Edgbaston Councillors think this is less safe for the staff and less safe for customers who are picking up money. Currently they can put their money safely away at the back of the shop. This would no longer be the case if the Post Office have their way.

Some transactions (such as travel money and travel insurance) would also no longer be possible at the Sir Harry’s Road Post Office if the changes go ahead.

The Edgbaston Conservative team have been busy leafletting residents in the area telling them about the Post Office’s proposals and giving details of how to comment.

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