Labour Belatedly Jump On The Police Station Bandwagon!

Edgbaston Conservatives were busy campaigning today – three separate teams out working in the ward.

While out, a resident showed us a leaflet they’d had from the Labour MP raising the matter of Edgbaston’s police station. Our police station was earmarked for closure by the former LABOUR Police and Crime Commissioner. Very few stations in Birmingham are closing, so it’s not a case that cuts are forcing wholesale closures.  But one of the early actions the last PCC did upon taking office was to announce that 3 police stations in Birmingham would close – Aston, Steelhouse Lane, and Edgbaston (which is due to close in 2015).

That announcement came on March 26th 2013.  You can read about it if you look in the archives of this blog for that day’s entry.  If our Labour MP is so concerned about it, why didn’t she take action at the time the closure was announced? Why wait 18 months? Our LABOUR MP had plenty of time to talk to the former LABOUR Police and Crime Commissioner about his proposed closure of Edgbaston’s Police Station. I don’t know if she did raise it with him, but if she did, she clearly wasn’t successful in getting the policy changed.

But now we have a situation where there’s a by-election for a new Police & Crime Commissioner and we have a Conservative PCC Candidate who is promising to do his best to keep our police station open, and NOW she puts out a leaflet claiming to be concerned about the proposed closure.  (A closure which, don’t forget, was decided by her own political party – the Labour Party.) The resident who showed us the leaflet was astounded by her cheek! So are we!

Campaigning in Edgbaston Ward today

Campaigning in Edgbaston Ward today

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