Monthly Archives: October 2014

Anyone For Ski-ing?

Today I visited two Household Recycling Centres, and The ReUsers shop in Sutton Coldfield, as part of Birmingham Council’s Scrutiny report into HRCs. The ReUsers shop, situated immediately outside the HRC and supported by Jericho, gives people the opportunity to … Continue reading

PACT Meeting In Edgbaston

I had several meetings in Edgbaston today including a school governors’ meeting, a residents meeting at Edgwood Court and finally the ward PACT meeting this evening. There were a number of subjects on the police PACT meeting agenda including parking … Continue reading

Unveiling A New Gate In Wyndham Road

A new gate has been installed on a drive leading to a garage area in Wyndham Road, Edgbaston. The area has been continually used for anti social behaviour, Following complaints raised at a recent PACT meeting, the local Police Sergeant … Continue reading