Anyone For Ski-ing?

Today I visited two Household Recycling Centres, and The ReUsers shop in Sutton Coldfield, as part of Birmingham Council’s Scrutiny report into HRCs.


The ReUsers shop, situated immediately outside the HRC and supported by Jericho, gives people the opportunity to donate usable items instead of throwing them away at the tip. The items are then sold on. They employ a number of staff including a large per centage of apprentices.

The amount of goods on sale at very reasonable prices was amazing! Skis, golf clubs, vintage items, toys, baby equipment, china, tiles, furniture….the list goes on. And shortly they will be opening a Christmas department as well. A great place to visit if you’re looking for a bargain and like a rummage!

It was interesting to contrast the two HRCs we visited. One which was modernised only a few years ago and is all on one level, and one which is yet to be modernised and has steps etc.

All in all, a fascinating afternoon, and thanks to Veolia for arranging it.



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