Boundary Commission Announce New Consultation

Leaflet 005The Boundary Commission have today announced  that they are making some significant changes to the ward boundaries previously consulted on.

The new changes will be published on May 10th, to be followed by a new six week consultation which will run until June 20th.

The Boundary Commission say they have considered every submission and weighed them against the rules they follow when they draw up new boundaries. They further state that in several parts of the city they propose to change their recommendations in response to local evidence about community ties.

This announcement is hopefully good news for those residents in North and East Edgbaston who would have been moved out of the ward under the last proposals, although I emphasise that the Boundary Commission have not yet announced what changes they are making and/or to which parts of the city. But it does give hope that those areas of Edgbaston may be included in the ones which are being re-thought.

I hope the Boundary Commission will also have decided against the ridiculous idea of lumping a part of residential Harborne into Edgbaston – which is one of the reasons why so many current Edgbaston residents were then having to be moved out.

Following the new consultation, the final boundaries will now be announced in September 2016 and will still come into effect at the Local Elections in 2018.


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