Boundary Changes – Second Consultation

The Local Government Boundary Commission of England has today published its revised draft boundaries for Birmingham.

As far as Edgbaston is concerned, there are three changes from the previous draft:

They have moved the western boundary from Harborne Park Rd back to Metchley Lane thereby not including in Edgbaston the chunk of residential Harborne which they were previously suggesting should be moved into the ward.

They have moved the eastern boundary to include the Edgbaston County Cricket Ground, Priory estate and nearby roads in Edgbaston ward (as they are now).

They propose keeping their proposed changes to the Northern boundary (i.e. moving the boundary south to the Hagley Road) but they suggest changing the name of the new ward north of the Hagley Road to North Edgbaston instead of Summerfield.

You can explore the maps and make your comments at

The new consultation runs until June 20th 2016 and the new boundaries will not come into force until 2018.


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