No 11 Bus – Fascinating Facts!

I’m grateful to Cllr Mike Ward for telling me some fascinating facts about Birmingham’s No 11 bus and allowing me to pass them on, via this blog.

Birmingham’s No 11 service covers a 36 mile long circular route which can be affected by numerous problems such as accidents, road works, flash floods etc.  It has 42 buses operating on it – 21 in each direction. Controllers are constantly monitoring all the buses and can act whenever a problem arises.

When there’s a problem, the buses start to bunch up. However two spare buses with drivers are parked at strategic points along the route, and when gaps in the service are identified, these spare buses are brought into play.

At the same time, some of the bunched buses are then taken out of service and sent across the city via pre-determined routes to a point further along the No 11 circuit- where they are brought back into service again.

These actions are taken throughout the day to try and keep the service running as near to timetable as possible.

The No 11 operates out of the Acocks Green bus garage but everyone in Birmingham knows of it, and probably most people have travelled on it at some time or other.

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