New Ward Boundaries Announced

Leaflet 005

After months of consultation the new ward boundaries have finally been announced. There will be 101 Councillors for Birmingham after 2018 (instead of the 120 currently). Some wards will be represented by one Councillor, and some wards (including Edgbaston) will be represented by two.

Edgbaston Ward will remain largely the same as now with two changes. Firstly, everything north of the Hagley Road will go into a new ward called North Edgbaston. This is a much better name for the new ward than Summerfield (which was the Boundary Commission’s original suggestion) so I am glad they have made this name change.

Secondly, the Benmore Estate and Speedwell Road will go into a new ward called Balsall Heath West.

Everything else in Edgbaston Ward remains the same.

There will be no elections in 2017, and the new ward boundaries will not come into effect until the local elections in 2018. Until then, everything remains the same with Edgbaston being represented by three Councillors – myself, Matt Bennett and Fergus Robinson.


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