Garden Waste Arrangements for 2017

The Labour run Council has increased the price of the garden waste collection and it will cost £40 in 2017. The Conservatives did call in this decision on the grounds that an increased cost may lead to even more fly tipping of garden waste, but the decision was upheld.

Orders for green bin collections can be made now on the Birmingham Council website, and there is an early bird discount of £5 for all orders taken in December. If you miss that cut off date, orders taken in January will be given a £2 discount, bringing the price down to £38.

The 2017 garden waste collections will resume from March 6th but please be aware that the actual date of your first collection depends on when in the 14 day cycle your rubbish is collected. Unless you are notified otherwise (and a few households may be), the green collection will continue to be on the same day as the household waste collection but alternating with the bottles, cans and paper recyling collection. i.e. One week it’s paper, bottles and cans; the next week it’s green recycling.

The 2017 green collections will finish between 27th November and 8th December 2017 (again depending again on which day in the cycle any particular house is).





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