Monthly Archives: April 2017

Caroline Squire Launches Her Election Campaign

Newly selected Conservative candidate Caroline Squire launched her election campaign in Edgbaston today.

Welcome To Edgbaston’s Parliamentary Candidate

Edgbaston Ward Councillors welcome Edgbaston’s newly chosen Conservative Parliamentary Candidate tonight – Caroline Squire, the great-great-grand-daughter of a rather famous Brummie, Joseph Chamberlain.

Delivering letters for Andy Street

Andy Street letters arrived, sorted, and given out to deliverers! Plenty of campaigning for Andy Street in Edgbaston today!

Campaigning For Andy Street

Election addresses for Andy Street all delivered in Edgbaston, so time today to join friends in north Birmingham for a big canvass and leafletting event! Great reception for Andy Street on the doorsteps.

Missed Collections Increased Last week

There were a massive 918 streets in Birmingham which had missed rubbish collections last week. That’s the number of STREETS which were missed, not the number of houses. That figure is up from 788 the week before, so the situation … Continue reading

Campaigning For Andy Street

Brilliant sunshine for campaigning in Edgbaston Ward today for Andy Street – while the man himself was wowing the shoppers in Harborne High Street!

Campaigning For Andy Street

Out campaigning  for Andy Street in Edgbaston Ward this morning Рgreat candidate, great response!