Bus Stop Rationalisation Programme

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The South Birmingham bus stop rationalisation programme (stupid name for a decision to cut out a number of bus stops) is generating a number of complaints from residents.

Several locations in Edgbaston have been affected – for example two stops in a short space have been taken out of use on the Pershore Road.

I am feeding in all the complaints to TfWM who tell me they will be visiting some of the sites with a representative of NX next week. I sincerely hope they think again and reinstate some of the bus stops they have cut.

The theory behind it (so they say) is that if you cut out little used stops, it will speed up the network. However if they were little used, it surely follows that there won’t be much time saving to be made by cutting them out – as the buses wouldn’t often have stopped there anyway. But for those residents who DID use those stops, often the elderly or infirm, it’s a life-line which has been taken away.

Think again National Express & TfWM! In order for a bus service to work, you need to pick up passengers! Cutting back on that in order to make the service quicker is just plain stupid in my opinion. If congestion is making services slower than they were (as they say), then surely the solution is to alter the timetable to fit the current traffic situation – not to cut back on the number of passengers you pick up.


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