Flight Path Changes From Runway 33

Last night I attended Birmingham Airport’s consultation meeting in Harborne (advertised on this blog a few days ago) where there was a full presentation about changes proposed and the chance for questions.

If you didn’t go and wish to take part in the consultation please go to http://www.birminghamairport.co.uk where there is information about the consultation, responses to frequently asked questions, and the facility for you to have your say.

Please note: there is NOT going to be a new runway. It was Sion Simon the Labour candidate for West Midlands Mayor who wanted a second runway at Birmingham Airport. So everyone who campaigned for him in May presumably wanted one too. But fortunately Sion Simon didn’t win.

The Conservatives in Birmingham remain committed to NOT having a second runway at Birmingham Airport,

This consultation is about changes to the flight path which already goes over Edgbaston. Full information on the Airport’s website. As a result of requests made at the meeting last night, the closing date of the consultation has been extended to November 16th.




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