Cycle Way & Cricket Ground

Cricket ground.jpg

Cllr Matt Bennett and I had a busy morning today first meeting with Council officers and residents regarding on-going concerns which residents have about the knock on effect of the Bristol Rd cycle way on traffic in various other parts of Edgbaston – including particularly exiting Pavenham Drive, and the banning of right and left turns into Priory Rd (going up the hill) from Bristol Rd which will have a massive effect on traffic flows in Edgbaston.

From there we went to the Edgbaston County Cricket Ground to meet with representatives from the club and their development partners Patrizia to view their plans for development on part of the club’s car park (pictured).

The exhibition of plans is on view in the reception area of the club until 7.00pm tonight (May 18th). Please go along if you are able. I know a number of residents plan to visit during the course of the afternoon. For those who can’t, there will of course be opportunities to comment when the planning application is submitted.

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