Looking At The Flood Damage At The Guinea Gardens

May 2018 bothy flooding.JPG

In the aftermath of last month’s torrential rainfall and flooding in Edgbaston, this is what the restored bothy at the Edgbaston Guinea Gardens looked like.

Yesterday afternoon, Cllr Matt Bennett and I were given a tour of the gardens. and heard about the flood and the damage it caused from several plot holders. Fortunately, the restored bothy now looks remarkably good considering the way it was submerged, but it took a lot of work to clean up the inside.

During the rain storm, water cascaded into the Guinea Gardens site from several sources, the over flowing culvert, raised manhole covers and off neighbouring land.

Exactly where the water level rose to, was evident from the foliage all over the site – dirty leaves below the water line, clean above. There were also things such as planks which were thrown about, a lot of rubbish has been left lying around which was carried in the water, and very sadly plot holders have been advised not to eat the produce from the plants which were submerged because of pollutants which were almost certainly in the flood water.

Also, very sadly, the chimney of the last original bothy left on site (pictured) has been left leaning, and plotholders have been advised it should be taken down.



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