Edgbaston PACT Meeting

Tonight was the Edgbaston Police PACT meeting at the Hallmark Hotel on the Hagley Road.

Around 40 – 50 residents were there and various issues were raised (some in the ward and some from areas outside the ward).

The police explained that reported crime was up 5.8% on last year. However vehicle offences were down. One person said that they didn’t see the point in reporting crimes but the message from the police was clear – do report any crimes which take place. There are many ways to do it – by phone or email, or you can contact Crimestoppers.

The meeting was also shown one of the new VAS (Vehicle Activated Speed) signs which will shortly be going up in the area to act as a deterrent to speeding vehicles. Several people also criticised the new 20 mph speed restrictions which Labour introduced just before the election as so many people do not adhere to them and it is dangerous when those people then speed past vehicles which are attempting to keep to the advertised speed limit. Wellington Road and Augustus Road were two roads where this problem was highlighted.

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