Proposed New University Station


Today I had a briefing on the proposed new build of University Station in Edgbaston.

The current building was designed for around 400,000 passengers a year. It’s currently used by over 3.3million so clearly a new build is desperately needed. The new building will be able to cope with a projected increase of  7 million passengers a year.

The proposal is to combine new buildings with a footbridge across the canal, linking to the University.  The potential costs are £40 million and the project will be delivered by December 2021 – in time for the Commonwealth Games in 2022. This is important because during the Games the hockey will be staged at Birmingham University in Edgbaston.

There will be some retail facilities in the new station, space for taxis, cycle parking and a vehicle drop off area – but no car parking for station passengers.

In due course we will be holding an Edgbaston Ward Meeting where a presentation for residents will take place. West Midlands Rail Executive expect that to be early next year.

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