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Catch Up Rubbish Collections

Still no firm word from the Council on exactly when Monday’s missed rubbish and recycling collections will be done, just that they are trying to catch up. I know that some places in Edgbaston have had collections of rubbish and … Continue reading

Birmingham Council Gritting Policy

Please see the Council’s gritting policy above. Over half of Birmingham’s roads are gritted, that’s 750 miles – the distance from Birmingham to Berlin!

Birmingham Council Services Disrupted

All city run schools and related transport will not operate on Monday Dec 11th due to the weather. There will also be no bin collections on Monday Dec 11th for the same reason. Monday is Edgbaston’s bin day – and … Continue reading

Even More Snowy Edgbaston!

Harborne Road unusually quiet this morning!

Snowy Edgbaston!

Edgbaston Golf Club yesterday. More snow forecast tomorrow…

Matt’s Corporate Parenting Request

Great to be invited to Calthorpe Business Alliance’s Christmas event this lunch time. Excellent food and drinks at the Edgbaston Golf Club – and there was even the perfect weather for a Christmas party – snow! My fellow ward Councillor, … Continue reading

Labour’s Recycling Failure

When the Conservatives and Lib Dems took control of Birmingham in 2004, the city (after 20 years of Labour control) had very little recycling provision. We introduced paper and green collections across the city, and a bottles and cans collection … Continue reading