Birmingham Bin Strike


018.JPGRubbish is piling up around Edgbaston. As far as I can tell, nowhere in the ward has had a collection for almost a fortnight (and some only one collection in five weeks). Edgbaston residents who have been shopping in Harborne High Street report that looks a mess too.

Extra crews were apparently out in the city over the weekend, but they weren’t sent to our area as far as I can tell.

I have asked when we will get a collection and been told that they hope it will be this week but cannot promise.

This is not good enough. Rubbish piled in the streets and in bin stores during hot summer weather is a health and safety issue – and it’s clear our inept Labour leadership don’t have a plan to deal with it. ¬†They knew this strike was coming weeks ago, so they had ample time to work out what to do – and they have failed miserably.

Even the Union spokesman said it’s been caused by Birmingham Labour’s mismanagement of their budget rather than by “austerity”. Besides every council is¬†having to make savings, but other people aren’t having bin strikes.

Calthorpe Residents’ Society Art Exhibition


John and I were delighted to be invited to open Calthorpe Residents’ Society’s Art Exhibition which opened today at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Edgbaston.

The exhibition features the work of local artists from Edgbaston and Harborne. It runs for two weeks so do pay it a visit. Many of the pictures and sculptures are for sale – and indeed some were sold today.

Also, as part of the event, Second City Sax played music on the terrace and we were delighted to meet up with them too.


Edgbaston LIF Project Event


Most of today has been spent dealing with horrendous problems caused by the bin strike, so it was nice to have a break this evening when I visited the “Aspirations Of A Generation” arts workshop event for young people at the Edgbaston Community Centre in Woodview Drive.

Part of Edgbaston’s LIF project to bring communities together, there were a number of activities for young people on offer – such as learning how to be a DJ, story and poetry writing, photography, and building a wigwam of young people’s aspirations for their future. Everyone seemed to be thoroughly enthralled! Congratulations to the organisers.

IAAF Mascot Revealed Today In Edgbaston


Great to meet Ruby, the Red Panda Mascot for the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Birmingham 2018, today at the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park in Edgbaston.

The park was chosen for the unveiling of Ruby as it is home to Birmingham’s red pandas (one of which is pictured below). Ruby’s name, being a gem stone, also has a connection the Jewellery Quarter – another of the city’s great attractions.


Birmingham University Community Festival


Great afternoon at the Birmingham University Community Festival today. So much to see and do – including taking a look at the new library and swimming pool. Great opportunity for local residents to find out more about the University while having a great family fun day out.



June 8th Is Polling Day

Sept 07 101

June 8th is Polling Day for the General Election. Don’t forget to vote Conservative!

Campaigning For Caroline Squire


The Edgbaston Ward Conservative team were out campaigning for Caroline Squire tonight – excellent responses on the doorstep.