Official Opening of Birmingham University’s Sport & Fitness Centre

Uni Sports 006.JPG

Back in September Cllr Matt Bennett and I were given a tour of Birmingham University’s new Sport and Fitness Centre (pictured).

I was delighted today to be invited to the official opening of the building and to be introduced to the Princess Royal who unveiled the plaque.

It is a wonderful centre which is being very well used by both students and the local community. And of course Birmingham University will be hosting both the hockey and the squash when the Commonwealth Games comes to Birmingham in 2022.


Labour Council Fines Ambulances For Going In A Bus Lane! (They should be ashamed.)

Nov Lealfet 009

We all know cars get fined if they go in a bus lane, but I’m shocked to read today that Birmingham’s Labour Council fines West Midlands Ambulance Service every time an AMBULANCE goes in a bus lane.

A report in today’s Birmingham Mail says that WMAS is being fined up to £900 a day for ambulances travelling in a bus lane near Heartlands Hospital – that’s up to fifteen £60 fines a day. WMAS say they weren’t even consulted about the introduction of the bus lane at that location.

If the fines are paid immediately they are reduced to £30, and the article says fines for ambulances using a blue light are waived (waived? – why are they even being issued!!!) It’s still an awful lot of money for our Ambulance Service to have to fork out.  And this from a Labour Group which continually talks about how the NHS needs more money, yet takes money off them when an ambulance goes in a bus lane. Not for the first time, I am completely disgusted by Birmingham Labour’s hypocrisy.


Gritting In Birmingham


This is where Birmingham keeps its grit.

I saw the gritters out when I was leafletting earlier today. Birmingham’s gritters are covering over 700 miles of roads across the city.  Drive carefully in this snowy weather!


Budget Day At Birmingham Council

Harborne Picture 5

Yesterday was budget day at Birmingham Council. Next time Labour go on about cuts, bear in mind they got £88 million extra in funding this year than they were expecting when they set their four year budget in 2016 – and still they didn’t manage to balance the books. They are completely incapable of setting a budget and sticking to it.

Labour also voted yesterday to increase Council Tax by £14 MORE over two years than the figure which they consulted on in December (despite trying to pretend it was less than the figure they consulted on). We can do maths even if they can’t!  The total increase from Labour over the two years will be £103 for  a Band D property.

When Labour were elected in 2012 (that’s the year they took over the Council from the Conservative led coalition which had run Birmingham since 2004) they put out a leaflet saying they would not increase Council Tax. But actually they will have put it up by over 20% in seven years.

And then they wonder why people don’t believe their promise of weekly bin collections.


Campaigning In The Sunshine


Lovely to have a sunny Saturday for once! Great campaigning weather and lots done.


Great British Spring Clean Up In Edgbaston


The Council and residents working together in Edgbaston – part of the Great British Spring Clean Up!

Last year’s event was good (see below). The weather was great and we got a lot done. I’m sure this year’s will be good too and a chance for me to say goodbye to many old friends in an area which will be leaving the ward in May.



Today’s Missed Collections


A number of roads in Edgbaston did not have their rubbish collected today (including my own). I have been told the missed roads will be picked up tomorrow. If you live in Edgbaston Ward and your collection was missed today but it is not picked up tomorrow, let me know and I will chase it for you.