Rubbish Collection Monday October 9th

DKLhbnoW0AA9YhUBirmingham City Council are going back to normal weekly collections this week (for the moment at least).

This means Edgbaston’s household rubbish should be collected tomorrow, Monday October 9th.


Keep Weekly Rubbish Collections!


Conservative Councillors in Birmingham back weekly rubbish collections in Birmingham. The recent bin strike (not yet resolved) has shown how quickly rubbish piles up in the city when it is not collected weekly.

The Government grant awarded in 2012 was to keep weekly rubbish collections until 2017, so Conservatives viewed with interest the report on Birmingham’s future waste strategy, which deals with life after 2019, which went to Birmingham’s Cabinet today.

The Labour Cabinet member insisted there are currently no plans to go to fortnightly (or what they like to call alternate weekly) collections. We know that. But the Cabinet report DOES contain recommendations which include the option of fortnightly collections from 2019.

Hence why Birmingham Conservatives will be keeping up the pressure to maintain our weekly rubbish collections beyond when the new waste strategy comes into force in 2019.

Commonwealth Games Bid


Showing my support!

Edgbaston Missed Collection


Edgbaston was clearly advertised on the Council’s website as having a rubbish collection today and Councillors were asked to publicise this (as I did below).

However once again the Labour Council has messed things up. Many people in Edgbaston (including me) have not had their promised collection (indeed I’m not actually aware of anyone who has had a collection today, though it’s possible some roads have been done).

I’m told Edgbaston will now be done on Thursday and Friday. The men are back at work pending the court case in November, plus extra contractors are still in place, so as far as I can see, there is no excuse for us not having weekly collections. But at the moment, under Labour, even the fortnightly collection hasn’t been delivered on the right day.



Next Rubbish Collection In Edgbaston


The next scheduled rubbish collection for Edgbaston Ward is on Wednesday Sept 27th.

Please be aware that different wards are on different days, and that not all Edgbaston postal addresses are in Edgbaston Ward. If you are unsure which ward you live in, please check the Birmingham City Council website.


Tour Of Birmingham University’s Sports Centre

Uni Sports 004.JPG

Many thanks to Birmingham University Sports & Fitness for showing me and Cllr Mat Bennett around their fantastic new Sports Centre this morning. Amazing facility for University and community. Good car parking too (very important in Edgbaston!) Very impressed!


Bin Collections

DKLhbnoW0AA9YhUFollowing the High Court judgement yesterday (September 20th), Birmingham’s bin strike has been suspended pending the full court hearing in November.

The Council therefore hopes/intends to be picking up rubbish more frequently that the four weekly collections we have had recently. Please check the Council’s website for details of when Edgbaston’s next collection will be (not currently showing but hopefully will be listed soon).