Saturday Leaflet Session

The Edgbaston Conservative Campaign Team were out campaigning in the ward this morning – even the weather held good!

Campaigning in Edgbaston

Campaigning in Edgbaston

Parking Problems Outside Schools

Parking problems outside schools is a problem across the whole of Edgbaston Ward and understandably infuriates residents who live around schools. It is also highly dangerous for school children, other pedestrians, and other motorists when cars are parked in unsafe locations.

On Tuesday of this week, I joined residents outside one of our schools – talking to, and giving leaflets to parents who had parked on double yellow lines, and on junctions.

The leaflet has been produced by West Midlands Police, Birmingham City Council and West Midlands Fire Service and gives useful information about inconsiderate parking and possible alternatives to using a car for the school run.



With the Tesco Community Champion at the Waterworks Community Event

With the Tesco Community Champion at the Waterworks Community Event

Today I went to the Waterworks Estate Community Event held in the church hall at the Church of the Redeemer.

The event remembered two World Wars and was supported by Tesco at Five Ways,


Edgbaston Autumn In Touch

We were out delivering our autumn In Touch in Edgbaston Ward this morning. The delivery is almost complete, so most houses will already have had the leaflet now, and the few who haven’t will be getting it shortly.

Many thanks to our teams of helpers for all their hard work!

Grit Bin 008

Anyone For Ski-ing?

Today I visited two Household Recycling Centres, and The ReUsers shop in Sutton Coldfield, as part of Birmingham Council’s Scrutiny report into HRCs.


The ReUsers shop, situated immediately outside the HRC and supported by Jericho, gives people the opportunity to donate usable items instead of throwing them away at the tip. The items are then sold on. They employ a number of staff including a large per centage of apprentices.

The amount of goods on sale at very reasonable prices was amazing! Skis, golf clubs, vintage items, toys, baby equipment, china, tiles, furniture….the list goes on. And shortly they will be opening a Christmas department as well. A great place to visit if you’re looking for a bargain and like a rummage!

It was interesting to contrast the two HRCs we visited. One which was modernised only a few years ago and is all on one level, and one which is yet to be modernised and has steps etc.

All in all, a fascinating afternoon, and thanks to Veolia for arranging it.



PACT Meeting In Edgbaston

I had several meetings in Edgbaston today including a school governors’ meeting, a residents meeting at Edgwood Court and finally the ward PACT meeting this evening.

There were a number of subjects on the police PACT meeting agenda including parking issues, a potential planning application, and the building on Waterworks Rd (pictured) which recently had it’s change of use planning application turned down.


Unveiling A New Gate In Wyndham Road

A new gate has been installed on a drive leading to a garage area in Wyndham Road, Edgbaston. The area has been continually used for anti social behaviour,

Following complaints raised at a recent PACT meeting, the local Police Sergeant obtained money from the Proceeds Of Crime Fund in order to gate off the drive.

This afternoon Cllr James Hutchings and I joined the police and local residents at the scene, to see the new gate. Hopefully it will make a real difference to the security of the area.